Smiles Welcome

Smiles Welcome is the lovechild of Truth & Dare, born in the name of freedom. It’s an initiative based on trust and connection, encouraging people to feel safe and welcome within the community.

Government recommendations suggest wearing masks indoors. Smiles Welcome says, we trust you to do what is right for your unique circumstances. And if you’re not wearing a mask, we invite you to wear a smile.

How It Works

If you’d like to join the Smiles Welcome initiative, simply download our FREE pdf poster and print as many copies as you like for your local store, shopfront, cafe, or business.

By displaying your Smiles Welcome poster, you’re inviting your customers and members of your community into your place of business.

Smiles Welcome is becoming widely recognised as a cohesive movement that brings communities together in trust, compassion and shared respect for the wellbeing of others. Smiles Welcome says we trust you, and we won’t ask you for private information about your health circumstances.

Why It Matters

Our relationships with our communities are based on mutual trust and respect. When business owners are put in the uncomfortable position of asking customers for their personal medical information, this can create a dynamic of disconnect and division.
What our communities really want is inclusivity and connection. We all want to feel safe, and welcome and included as part of our local community.
There are myriad exemptions for mask wearing, and Smiles Welcome is an initiative that supports everyone, whether they’re wearing a mask, a smile, or both.
When someone isn’t wearing a mask, Smiles Welcome says ‘no mask, we don’t ask’, because we trust you to do what is right for your unique circumstances.
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Join Us

If you feel compelled to share the Smiles Welcome message, we invite you to download your store poster and website badge and encourage other community members to join in this movement towards a more inclusive, compassionate community for all.

Steps you can take to join us include:

Print & display a Smiles Welcome poster in your business or venue

Add the Smiles Welcome badge to your social media pages and website

Adopt the Smiles Welcome ethos of creating a safe, welcoming space that is free of judgment

Encourage like minded, compassionate business owners and members of the community to join the Smiles Welcome community

Get Yours Now

Print & display a Smiles Welcome Poster in your business or venue
Add the Smiles Welcome badge to your social media page and website

From Mullumbimby with Love

When her four year old son asked, “Mummy, are they wearing masks because they’re not allowed to smile?”, Rinat Strahlhofer had to fight back the tears.
Founder of Truth & Dare, a Byron Bay Creative Agency committed to Health & Freedom, Rinat simply couldn’t sit back and do nothing.
“No Mask We Don’t Ask” was launched the same day, designed to reignite our innate sense of kindness and acceptance towards fellow human beings within the community.
It is a step towards love and acceptance, and many steps away from division and disconnection. No Masks We Don’t Ask encourages people to feel welcome and safe.
Signage with “Smiles Welcome” are freely available to those who join the movement, sharing a message that all are safe and welcome, whether they’re wearing a mask or just a smile.